How to get benefit from your personal data?
How to get benefit from your personal data? How to get benefit from your personal data?

The most extended way to get benefit from personal data is based on permitting users to access useful contents, applications, and services for free, and they in turn allow these platforms to make use of their personal data in income generating activities, like, for example, personalised publicity, profiles selling, etc.

Another possibility is that in which users are who exploit their own data either directly or through an intermediate agent, Data Broker, who interacts with the market. In this case, each user decides what information to share, and the market decides how much will be paid for that information.

The first model is, so far at least, few transparent, and we are not always aware of what information of us is being collected, while in the second case, each person chooses what to share and who it is shared with.

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  • Is data the new currency?

  • As businesses build more and more server farms of customer data, their capacity to understand the nuance and complexity of our real needs and capability is limited by the quality of data they can capture.

    Progressive businesses realise that in order to stay competitive and relevant to their customers they need to consider the needs of the individual, to respect their privacy and preferences, and most importantly they need to understand you in context, not through an algorithm.

    As individuals, we are increasingly less likely to give our personal information away, yet we enjoy being valued. Relevant offers usually result from having a deeper and more personal relationship with brands, local business and government.

    We aims to unite your personal preferences (only ever with your permission) with the growing demand of business to facilitate an open exchange that is transparent and respectful for both parties.

    We call this shared value. It is a new way of doing business where you share in the mutual value that is created. We believe that people are the beating heart of emerging eEconomy and foresee a time in the not-too-distant-future where businesses and consumers will engage on equal footing for the benefit of everyone.

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