What is the Device/Browser Fingerprint?
What is the Device/Browser Fingerprint? What is the Device/Browser Fingerprint?

When a connection to the Internet is established using any equipment and any browser, it is possible to collect its characteristics and obtain by this a sequence that identifies them on a biunivocal way with high accuracy (over 83%).

This Browser Fingerprint only changes either if any parameter of the same browser is modified (plug-ins installation, font changes, language changes, etc.) or if some parameters of our system (like the screen or the graphic card resolution, accessible data for our web browser) are changed, something that rarely happens.

That sequence is usually known as ‘Device Fingerprint’.

Your device finger print is: Your device finger print is: {{ datos_mas }} / {{ datos_mas_dos }}

Your device finger print is:


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Your device finger print is:

Information and tips

  • How is the device fingerprint involved in our privacy?

  • Our Browser Fingerprint sets the possibility of revealing, with high accuracy, which device is accessing a specific webpage.

    With the combination of device fingerprint and navigation data it is possible to deduce the identity of the user, no need to access his/her personal data (name, e-mail…).
    The Device fingerprint has a double potentiality of being hard to check if it is being used by others, and of being difficult to change dynamically, since it implies modifications on the web browser or the equipment.
    The browser fingerprint is generally used in combination to some other data, like IP, navigation history, and cookies, to trace someone´s activity and create a user profile.

  • How can the Device/Browser Fingerprint be changed?

  • To change our Device Fingerprint any plug-in must be installed in our web browser, or those plug-ins already installed must be uploaded.
    We can also prevent the calculation of our fingerprint by disabling the use of javascript in our web browser, the tool commonly used for such calculations. Nevertheless, if we do so, many of the web pages we may visit will not work, since javascript is habitually and intensively present in web service.

  • How is my Digital Fingerprint calculated?

  • From the many ways of calculating your fingerprint, we do it making use of the open source library, fingerprintsjs2, available on GitHub. This library is build through evaluation of the following parameters, among others:

    • HTTP ACCEPT headers provided by web browsers.
    • Colour and screen resolution.
    • Time zone.
    • Plug-ins installed in your browser and their versions.
    • Fonts installed in your computer and reported to Flash or Java.
    • Where JavaScript programs are run.
    • Information about your browser´s cookies acceptance.
    • Where Do Not Track headers are sent by your web browser.
    • Operative System used (i.e.: Win32, Linux x86…)
    • Language (i.e.: es-ES)
    • Touch screens browsing support.
    • Hash value of images generated in your canvas.*
    • Hash value of images generated by WebGL.*
      * This values vary depending on the graphic card and screen resolution.

    Fingerprintjs2 generates, by this, the sequence of characters shown previously, as representation of your Device Fingerprint. This fingerprint is stored in both our data base and cookie, so we can analyze it and compare it with the activity of the rest of users.

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