This Website does not demand any identification data or registration for its use.
All collected data is that offered directly by your browser and the use you make of our website. This data is stored in your device as cookies and it is used to make your navigation experience more satisfying, for statistic purposes and it will be never transferred to any other organization.


We make use of the following cookies to analyze, in a statistic disaggregated way, the data obtained directly from your web browser. All the names of cookies so as their stored value are shown in the following list:
- avisoCookie = it indicates if cookies are or are not enabled.
- embajadores = it identifies ambassador organizations.
- idioma = it indicates the language used by users´ web browsers.
- ultima_pagina = the last of our pages visited.
- ultima_pregunta = the last of our questions consulted.
- num_visitas = number of visits using this same cookie.
- ultima_visita = the date of the last visit using this same cookie
- huella = browser fingerprint, calculated from the data offered by each user´s browser.
- ip =the public IP address given by the user´s browser
- spip_accepte_ajax = it indicates if the spip server accepts Ajax
- spip_lang = it indicates the language used by the spip server

Important: Proceed by this link to know the value stored in your cookie, to clear them, or to change your settings for cookies.

Data stored in our server

The following data is stored in the server:
- Digital fingerprint: for us to be able to statistically analyze digital fingerprints, this data is stored in the Server to know its usage and its level of uniqueness, but never linked to any personal data. It is stored its value, number of repetitions, number of times used, and the date of the last use.

- Ambassadors: it is stored the data of entities which are admitted as ambassadors of the platform: Name of organization, Acronym, Web, and Contact Person.

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